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Battistella S.p.A.

Battistella S.p.A.
Industry: Retail
Country: Italy
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Battistella S.p.A. renews its communication infrastructure thanks to Alcatel-Lucent to improve collaboration inside the company.


  • Innovate the communication network and simplify the management
  • Introduce Unified Communication & Collaboration capabilities between users
  • Integrate smartphones in the enterprise mobility solution
  • Achieve international multisite architecture




  • Flexible and easy to use infrastructure management
  • Call Server maximum resiliency with spatial redundancy  and remote chassis local survivability
  • First approach to BYOD and to the Unified Communication & Collaboration capabilities between users
  • Scalable and homogeneous infrastructure for all the company’s branch offices

"The new communication infrastructure based on Alcatel-Lucent technologies, implemented by Telcables - Saiv S.p.A, has allowed us to introduce new Unified Communication & Collaboration capabilities and to integrate mobile devices for optimizing the company processes."

— Angelo Sernaglia, ICT Manager