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Catholic Education Office

Catholic Education Office
Industry: Education
Country: Australia
Download: Catholic Education Office Success Story

The Catholic Education Office deployed the Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch solution to streamline its administration and support functions.


  • Maintaining existing End of Life (EOL) multi-vendor platforms
  • Homogenizing multi-vendor / legacy platforms for support and ongoing management purposes
  • Finding a vendor capable of providing enhanced features and functionality to support the education industry (Whiteboard recording, multi-site web seminars, interactive whiteboards)
  • Sourcing a vendor capable of providing a single platform to support all CEO sites in a hosted platform architecture




  • Cost reductions - Cost reductions through a hosted telephony solution - zero ISDN line rental costs, free local and on-net calls, and lower telephony maintenance costs
  • Enhanced functionality – multi device, multimedia and multiparty
  • Improved productivity through the ability to make and receive calls in multiple places and on multiple devices