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Kennewick School District

Kennewick School District
Industry: Education
Country: United States
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Kennewick School District has completely modernized its wired and wireless networks and has improved its students' learning abilities as a result.


  • Incorporating technology into the curriculum
  • Getting the most out of investments
  • Student safety was a top priority




  • 100% of classrooms have internet access, with wireless access everywhere, which allows students and staff to incorporate technology into every lesson
  • The infrastructure supports SIP based control of bells, speakers, clocks, allowing for a high degree of control and flexibility in these alerting systems

"Alcatel-Lucent has provided Kennewick School District with a world-class voice and data network solution. In 2003 we saved over $300,000 on annual costs by putting in a strong data network and using Voice over IP. Over the years Alcatel-Lucent has helped us implement additional features to the phone system such as a direct line for parents to call in the classroom and talk to a teacher, but on a telephone that does not ring during class time. We are now able to notify parents with automatic voicemail messages on student attendance and other school matters. With Alcatel-Lucent’s wireless solution, our network has broader coverage in all of our schools. We have a completely open public SSID that allows internet access while preventing the public to access the secure internal network and we did not have to deploy two separate wireless access systems. On the contrary, we can use the same hardware and manage the public traffic to allow excellent service while preventing any issues which could affect the performance of the secure wireless network for staff and students."

— Ron Cone, IT Director