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Bank of Africa (BOA) Group

Bank of Africa (BOA) Group
Industry: Finance and Insurance
Country: Ivory Coast

The Bank of Africa Group saw greater performance, better responsiveness and higher availability with the newly implemented communications solutions.


  • High cost of telephone calls whether they were made in the same country or between subsidiaries
  • Dependence on incumbent operator in each country




  • One unified directory within the whole group of subsidiaries
  • Top management is now reachable at any time, any place
  • Implementation period completed in record time thanks to good cooperation between Alcatel-Lucent and the business partner

"If I could qualify in three words the values of the newly installed solutions, they would be Performance, Responsiveness and Availability. They fit perfectly into our information system, allowing us to be successful while saving on call costs. The deals covered several countries including Mali, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Burkina Faso."

— Ahmed Bouagja, Deputy Head of IT