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The National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL)
Industry: Government
Country: United Kingdom
Download: The National Physical Laboratory's Success Story

The National Physical Laboratory prepared its network for the future with Alcatel-Lucent technology.


  • Existing network infrastructure had reached the end of its life
  • Scientific data is becoming larger and harder to move around the network
  • NPL needed to increase speed and reliability of the network




  • State of the art, efficient technology resulting in smaller carbon footprint
  • Full Wi-Fi coverage with no dead zones allowing all users to stay connected while mobile
  • New interface improved user-friendliness
  • Larger capacity allowing better scientific data management 

"This new network is setting up the National Physical Laboratory for the future, by providing capacity for the large amounts of data produced in the research we undertake. We now have a more reliable network which includes over 3,000 end points for use by 700 staff."

— Claire Moore, Head of IT, National Physical Laboratory