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Industry: Education
Country: Italy

A more efficient, secure and better performing network for SISSA thanks to Alcatel-Lucent and NextiraOne.


  • New LAN infrastructure with star center for 10G backbone
  • Possibility to use access devices with 10/100/1000 and 10G full-L3 connectivity features
  • PoE support for new VoIP infrastructure
  • Centralized management of the network




  • High capacity and high reliability network (AOG full-redundant)
  • PoE support for new VoIP platform
  • Hardware reliability
  • Easy user profiling for network access, regardless of the location

"The new network has enabled us to improve the day-by-day activities of students and employees, who can now enjoy greater mobility within our facilities, without negative impacts on the security of our communications. "

— Antonio Lanza , IT Manager, SISSA