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Sahara Computers

Sahara Computers
Industry: Services
Country: South Africa
Download: Sahara Computers Case Study

Sahara Computers upgrade communications solution with Alcatel-Lucent’s OpenTouch.


  • Sahara needed to upgrade their old, disparate nationwide voice and data offering. Nothing was linked or converged, creating a sea of separate systems, high interbranch call costs and limited view of easy access
  • Old system was unstable without an software integration or advanced features. All communications were problematic offering no single management view




  • Complete converged solution centralised around OpenTouch™ and made possible with application fluent Switches
  • Mobility of users is now possible for the first time and allows them to be more active as they roam the site and between sites, bringing access to new applications and services, making the users more productive and reachable and considerably reducing the customer response time