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Gymnase Intercantonal de la Broye

Gymnase Intercantonal de la Broye
Industry: Education
Country: Switzerland
Download: Gymnase Intercantonal de la Broye Case Study

Gymnase Intercantonal de la Broye’s Wi-Fi solution brings a new way of mobile working to the whole campus of 1,100 users.


  • To provide quality Wi-Fi network across the whole campus, especially in the auditorium which seats over 300 users
  • To have minimum impact on the users during the transition between the old and new solutions, which needed to be completed during the shorter winter holidays
  • To install 60 access points discretely all around campus. At the same time as requiring a perfect signal, the antenna need to be invisible
  • To make the WI-Fi access secure for an organization where the equipment is outside their domain of expertise as well as being heterogeneous




  • Covers the entire campus to enable a new way of working
  • Allows students to easily use laptops or tablets as everyday working tools
  • Gives Gyb’s IT department more time away from infrastructure management and interaction with the end users