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Industry: Education
Country: United States
Download: Decatur Case Study
Download: Decatur InAction Slide

Decatur County Schools created a more solid and dependable foundation for learning using Alcatel-Lucent infrastructure.


  • Requirement to create future-proof infrastructure with finite financial resources and a fully utilized small support team
  • Reliability and uptime critical to satisfy staff expectations
  • Vision to transform technology into a learning enabler



  • Alcatel-Lucent’s modular architecture allows for flexible and scalable voice, data and video infrastructure, without the fear of obsolescence or irrelevance and enables incremental growth and investment
  • Hosting by City of Thomasville removes direct cost and labor associated with maintenance and support
  • Alcatel-Lucent account team’s tangible commitment to make the schools successful brings confidence to all purchase and strategy decisions

"“What I really liked was that Alcatel-Lucent use of open, non proprietary technologies removes the worry about changes occurring in a few years that necessitate junking everything you just bought. Protecting our investments and getting maximum value out of everything we buy is really important to the district.”"

— Steve Dunn, Decatur County Schools, Director of Technology