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Clark Memorial

Clark Memorial
Industry: Healthcare
Country: United States

Clark Memorial Hospital’s World-Class Healthcare Service is enabled by Alcatel-Lucent’s network infrastructure.


  • Grant care providers mobile access to clinical data in a fast, reliable and secure way that continually ensures the integrity of patient data and permits staff to deliver on service expectations
  • Provide the same level of network services for both the main hospital and remote sub-acute facilities
  • Comply with government mandates to deploy Electronic Health Records (EHR) in a meaningful way


  • OmniSwitch 6850E



  • Modular architecture allows for incremental growth versus large-scale replacement
  • Providing investment protection and stability
  • Intuitive management interface improves team efficiency
  • Industry-leading price-performance provides great return on investment
  • Inherent security and reliability of the network infrastructure contributes to compliance with governmental healthcare legislative requirements

"Alcatel-Lucent delivers three compelling elements: the equipment performs exceptionally well, it’s really easy to manage, and it is much, much more cost-effective than any other manufacturer."

— Dave Hunt, Manager of Operations and Service Support, Clark Memorial Hospital