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Industry: Energy
Country: Peru

Savia employees experience consistent, quality wired and wireless connection in all offices or at remote offshore platforms.


  • Offer a network solution that provides quality communication in the new services architecture with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory
  • Increase employee mobility between offices and platforms providing the same access rights, security and QoS
  • Offer a resilient network that can provide quality delivery of the most important services like Microsoft applications, SCADA system information, video conference and, in the near future, IP telephony




  • Alcatel-Lucent user profile functionality (uNP) enables mobility
  • The network dynamically adjust configuration based on employee identity
  • Fine-grained QoS guarantees quality delivery of mission critical information coming from Exchange, Active Directory, File Service and SCADA system
  • OmniSwitch adoption of standards like sFlow combined with 3rd party monitoring tool provides traffic visibility needed on radio links
  • Centralized management simplifies the monitoring and operation of the network and consequently minimizes the operational costs

"“We have an excellent relationship with eBD! They had already provided a wireless LAN network which demonstrated how professional their employees are and how reliable eBD is as a company. Then we learned they offered powerful and easy to use tools like OmniVista. It facilitates the management and monitoring tasks of our IT personnel, allowing them to spend valuable time in other important tasks.”"

— Daniel R. Barreto Franco, Manager, Information Services Division