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Europe Hospitals

Europe Hospitals
Industry: Healthcare
Country: Belgium
Download: Europe Hospitals InAction Slide

Europe Hospitals overhauled its network to computerize its systems, integrate patient care records electronically, automate prescriptions and improve the patient experience.


  • Create IP network capable of supporting existing capacity and scaling to future growth expectations
  • Enable introduction of new services and third party applications, while remaining device-neutral
  • Introduce presence notification for medical staff and computerized medical records and prescription dosage




  • Delivered scalability and capacity to cope with future growth, including planned expansion to new locations
  • Provided infrastructure for integrated medical systems, including patient records and prescriptions, from the doctor to the bedside
  • Allowed introduction of new entertainment systems for patients, including iPads, improving patient experience and corporate reputation

"“The network is fundamental to our future plans. Everything is built on it, so it needs to be open. Getting rid of the emphasis on the device, as long as it connects to the network, makes us far more future-proofed.”"

— Dr Dirk Lambrechts, CIO and CFO, Europe Hospitals