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Grup Sisquella

Grup Sisquella
Industry: Finance
Country: Spain
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Unified communications help Grup Sisquella to improve customer service and satisfaction.


  • Existing communications infrastructure had become obsolete and limited in terms of functionality
  • Needed to improve productivity of employees through Unified Communications




  • Unified four sites that previously operated as separate silos
  • From the first use, Grup Sisquella noticed an improvement in communications operations resulting in improved customer service
  • Experienced significant cost savings - the new solution is running at just 60% of the previous solution’s cost

"“It was clear to us that we had to move towards Unified Communications, but not just anyhow. We had to have totally reliable providers. We knew that in any decision we would make concerning communications, we could rely on Alcatel-Lucent”"

— Jesús Calderón, Head of IT for Grup Sisquella