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Citta Della Speranza

Citta Della Speranza
Industry: Healthcare
Country: Italy

Fondazione Città della Speranza changed its communications thanks to Alcatel-Lucent: today its long-distance communication is more efficient.


  • Converged network infrastructure more efficient for the management of the laboratory, diagnostic imaging and video streaming applications
  • Wiring of the whole structure to implement a fiber backbone 10G (Data Center) able to support a high level of traffic
  • Wi-Fi coverage of the Tower, OmniPCX Enterprise installation and cost reduction




  • Ability to share information, research, medical examinations and medical records, making them available in digital format to all teams, from laptop or smartphone
  • Faster remote displaying of large diagnostic images
  • Increased mobility and collaboration
  • Ability to attend meetings in video streaming thus facilitating the research
  • Excellent quality/price ratio of the implemented solution

"“Thanks to Alcatel-Lucent technology, seen at the Demo Center in Vimercate, and to the competence and professionalism of EDSlan, we implemented an innovative infrastructure that will allow doctors and researchers to access patients’ clinical data and will represent a fundamental support in the daily study of cancer and leukemia.”"

— Dott. Andrea Camporese , Presidente Onorario Fondazione Città della Speranza