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BLM Group

BLM Group
Industry: Manufacturing
Country: Italy

BLM Group expands VoIP solution with Alcatel-Lucent. The solution, implemented by Com.Tel, has integrated all BLM’s sites into a single voice and data network infrastructure.


  • Set up a VOIP system, designed to integrate several of the Group’s facilities
  • Roll-out new services for the benefit of its employees



  • Increased mobility and productivity for designers, engineering, sales and IT managers
  • Lower phone and data network operational costs and charges
  • Access to the company data achieved anytime, anywhere in mobility mode through phone, PDA or PC

"The Group has expanded significantly, increasing the number of premises over the years and it has generated the needs to replace our PBXs. In order to integrate the several companies, and activate new technologies and services, we decided to replace the existing PBXs with a VoIP system."

— Giovanni Cendali, Information Systems Manager