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Dongseo University

Dongseo University
Industry: Education
Country: South Korea
Download: Dongseo University Testimonial

Dongseo University purchased Alcatel-Lucent's 10G high-performance backbone switch.


Dongseo University wanted high density 10/100/1000Base - Transceiver module at Chassis.No Access Switch, but use high-density chassis as wiring closet




  • OmniSwitch™ 10K Modular LAN Chassis Data Center Switch ensures high scalability for further expansion, reliability and high performance as a large campus backbone switch
  • OmniSwitch™ 9800E Chassis LAN Switch provides wire-rate 10G bandwidth linked to OmniSwitch™ 10K and provides great routing performance as a building backbone switch
  • OmniSwitch™ 9700E Chassis LAN Switch centralizes all access network from client and guarantees easy, effective network management