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Penn State College of Engineering

Penn State College of Engineering
Industry: Education
Country: United States

Since 1881, Penn State College of Engineering, part of the Pennsylvania State University, has stood out as a leading center of engineering education. When enrolment reached 10,000 students, the college, with its 900 staff and 26 buildings, needed to increase the capacity and extent of its data networks. Alcatel-Lucent deployed a powerful network, complete with wireless capabilities, to support not only more users, but increasingly high-bandwidth applications. The new network provides the performance students and staff expect, simplifies network management, and strengthens security.


  • Provide secure remote wireless and mobile access
  • Reduce operational costs and maintenance
  • Meet tightening budget requirements
  • Accommodate flexible procurement
  • Provide a future-proof solution with extended network lifespan
  • Support bandwidth-hungry applications


  • Time savings and efficiency gains
  • Higher user satisfaction
  • Reduced maintenance and service technician requirements
  • Built-in capacity for network evolution without major upgrades