A Connected Collaboration Platform to Drive Digital Transformation

A Connected Collaboration Platform to Drive Digital Transformation

For most companies, the objective of a digital transformation is to bring simplicity, collaboration, agility, innovation and efficiency to their operations. In many ways, digital transformation is more about transforming organizational structures and business models than it is about technology. And the desired results, for businesses, are improved revenue models and increased profitability.

Organizations are also looking at ways to revolutionize the way people work and transform their organizations to the point where all elements of the company—people, systems, processes, digital objects—are able to connect.

To help address the challenges faced by organizations during their digital transformation, ALE is offering hybrid communications blueprint to help businesses adopt Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and CPaaS Usage.
Rainbow™ Connected Platform, the ALE “relationship machine”, is an overlay service that connects to OmniPCX EnterpriseR.12 and OXO Connect 2.1  in a hybrid approach, enabling businesses to protect and leverage existing systems while accessing new unified communications services from the cloud.

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“With Rainbow, ALE enters the fast-growing market for cloud-based communications services. Rainbow’s open APIs should prove very appealing to developers, and its hybrid deployment model results in a very flexible solution for enterprises.” Brian Riggs, Ovum – April 2016

“Rainbow is addressing the key trends of business communication: cloud, APIs, video, persistent messaging. ALE is clearly taking the right direction.” Dave Michels, TalkingPointz – March 2016

“Rainbow is right in line with the most progressive conversations, with the added benefit of an open architecture at its foundation.” Bill Haskins, Wainhouse Research - March 2016

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