Best of Interop 2012 Collaboration Award

Just like at the Olympics, winning gold in one event is amazing, but to do it in two different events in two different years is outstanding.

Once again, we've been awarded the Best of Interop award and this time, it's for our collaboration solution, OpenTouch Conversation!

This is an important award because it recognizes the value collaboration brings to the enterprise as more employee and contractors increasingly work outside of corporate offices. They need real-time, converged applications that improve business by helping people team up in today's virtual workplace, quickly and easily. OpenTouch provides a way for employees to locate and collaborate with knowledge experts, helping the employee to succeed while cutting costs and boosting productivity.

OpenTouch Conversation software unifies the features of personal smart devices with enterprise voice, video and data services into one seamless conversation experience. OpenTouch Conversation enables employees to seamlessly switch between their office phone, PC, mobile device, or tablet based upon the needs and situation of a conversation with one or multiple parties with a single finger tap, slide or mouse click. Users of the solution can easily move between messaging, data sharing, voice and video collaboration as well as access any combination of modes simultaneously in addition to adding or deleting conversation participants along the way.

Contact your local Alcatel-Lucent representative for additional information on OTC and how it can change the conversation in your organization.

About the Best of Interop Award

Best of Interop recognizes some of the world's most innovative technologies across eight major categories selected from over 130 companies. Winners are selected based on which have the greatest potential to impact and advance business technology efficiencies.
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Best of Interop 2012 Collaboration Award