Eco-sustainability with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Companies can no longer afford to ignore their environmental responsibilities. Energy costs are rising, there is uncertainty about future supplies, and governments and consumers now expect companies to be eco-sustainable. Large enterprises and small businesses are also realizing that reducing their carbon footprint can significantly reduce their operating costs.

According to McKinsey and Co, 60% of global business executives recognize that there is a link between environmental friendliness and profitability. At Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, by helping you change the conversation with our network and communications products, we are driving eco-sustainability through network solutions that offer low power consumption switches and software that encourages remote working. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions help businesses reach their green potential.

Alcatel-Lucent, as a whole, is also committed to eco-innovation. We have more than 19 patents in thermal management and dynamic energy management and are undertaking cutting-edge work with renewable energy sources. The Alcatel-Lucent product line is backed by professional service and support teams that can help equip your business with tailored and eco-sustainable solutions. Click here for our eco-sustainability strategy.

Green products and support

  • Networks: Our switching and telephony equipment consume up to 50% less power than that of other market leaders, helping you reduce equipment operation costs. Products such as our OmniSwitch 6450 have been widely acclaimed for their power performance, while others such as the VitalSuite Performance Management Software enable businesses to understand more about their network power consumption. Plus, cooling costs are greatly reduced from switches that generate less heat while operating.
  • Communications: Our advanced unified communications, mobility and tele-working solutions allow you to reduce employee travel, from daily commutes to international trips, while boosting efficiency. Our telephony products and solutions are also energy conscious with phones that automatically switch to an energy-saving mode when not in use.

In the UN Caring for Climate Progress Report 2012 (PDF file), Alcatel-Lucent was recognized among the top 25 performers for its "Caring for Climate" initiative. This UN program recognizes achievements in the areas of sustainable energy for all, adaptation, low-carbon leadership and transparency and disclosure.

Eco-sustainability with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise