About Our Partners

A local presence with our global Business Partner network
As a global solutions provider with over 3,000 employees, and representatives in over 130 countries worldwide, we’re sure to have a presence or a partner in your local region who can support your business technology needs. Our partner ecosystem reduces risk for our customers, enabling them to select products that best meet their needs and their budget.

Global Business Partners - resellers
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise works with a global network of partners, also known as resellers.  Resellers undergo accreditation training through the Alcatel-Lucent Partner Program, which ensures that they are fully qualified to sell, deploy and support Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions.

We currently have more than 2,200 resellers worldwide, dedicated to helping our customers implement and manage Alcatel-Lucent solutions and providing customer support services. Together, we deliver secure, high-performance communications and network infrastructures to small, mid-sized and large customers.

Technology Partners
Our partnerships with leading technology vendors such as Citrix and VMware are growing rapidly, demonstrating our commitment to open standards.   By working with technology partners, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise ensures interoperability for its foundational network technologies. This allows customers to deploy fully compatible networking solutions for today's application-rich, highly mobile and cloud-based world.

Application Partners

The Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program (AAPP) brings together a highly engaged global development community, producing applications that enrich and expand the capabilities of our award-winning base solutions.

About Our Partners