Zaccaria Institute deploys wireless network with ALE


At a glance:

  • Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Wireless access point automatically recognizes users, devices and applications
  • Wireless RF coverage and security allow dynamic set up for optimized performance of the signal, automatically optimizes the management operations and provides the highest security level

Education Product Portfolio
Educational Institute in Milan chooses Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions to embrace mobility

Padri Barnabiti’s Zaccaria Institute in Milan has completed the deployment of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions in an update of their wireless network. The result is a network that enables open collaboration and a more personalized connected experience for faculty and students.

With a history of education excellence dating back to the beginning of the seventeenth century, the classrooms of this educational institution have seen prestigious teachers and students - such as Alessandro Manzoni and Pietro Verri. While rich in tradition, the institution also recognized the need to adopt more innovative technologies for growth, and chose Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions to incorporate wireless connectivity into the educational delivery processes. The tangible outcome is the shared success of faculty, students and the institution.

Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Wireless Access Point solutions for campus networks was chosen by Zaccaria’s IT Deputy Director as it met the IT requirements for a new generation of intelligent networks. The network now provides seamless access to content and applications from any device, now a core requirement for any education infrastructure given the multiple wireless devices each student carries, on campus safety tools like IP cameras, or lecture hall smart-boards and fixed IP campus telephones. Every device needs adequate connectivity to work properly, and some often have specific power requirements that can exceed the limits of the typical network.

The wireless LAN management software suite provides centralized visibility and control over all operations reducing management complexity while providing the maximum level of security. Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Wireless Access Points automatically recognizes users, devices and applications.

The Ministry of Education stated last year that the investment in digital innovation is a key focus for education reform, with wireless networking as a leading technology in this area.
The digital devices and content are motivational tools for students, capturing their attention throughout the learning process. By transforming classical education methods into dynamic and open collaborative experiences, students and faculty share knowledge, and ultimately the success of learning.

The technical partner providing the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions is INTOIT Networks, with proven experience in wireless technology, has supported the IT staff of the Zaccaria Institute in Milan with the technical aspects of the project.

P. Ambrogio Valzasina, Zaccaria Institute Dean:
“We always look for solutions and services that are useful for teachers and students. We’ve addressed compliance requirements for an improved technology innovation process by selecting an appropriate solution with the support of an exceptional company partner who has been with us for every step of the project.

We needed a reliable and safe wireless network to provide services for all the mobile devices used by students at the Institute. We are very satisfied with the results. Technology is an added value for the Institute and not a replacement of traditional teaching.”

Massimo Landriscina, Sales & MarCom - INTOIT Networks: “The focus on innovation by technology is a reason companies like us have survived and are successful. The selection of advanced technology products for one of our key markets, such as the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution, offers access to the best technologies, speeding up the evaluation process and impact of the technologies.”

Astrid Savorani, Country Manager Italy and Malta at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise: “With new education models emerging in a hyper-connected world where smart devices are proliferating, institutions need to optimize access and performance. New technologies are providing new opportunities for each new generation of student. Not only do they benefit by being more engaged in the content and experience as digital natives, they expect it. We are proud to work with INTOIT for such a prestigious institution as the Zaccaria Institute. Their selection of our technology solutions is yet another proof-point of the value we bring to this industry.”