Warwickshire County Council goes wireless with ALE


At a glance:
  • Locations include 150 schools, 27 public libraries, 15 fire stations and 28 other sites
  • Secure BYOD access to corporate, staff and public networks
  • 'Instant' Wi-Fi Access Points reduce Total Cost of Ownership for schools
  • Supports 300 public users, 1200 staff and administrators a day, and provides weekly access to some 4,000 students across the county


Warwickshire County Council implements Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution to provide Wi-Fi for public sector buildings across the county

Warwickshire County Council has announced that it will use Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions to roll out Wi-Fi in a number of its public sector buildings. The deployment will give users a personalized connected experience by granting staff secure access to the council's corporate or staff networks using personal mobile devices. It will also provide staff and members of the public with free internet access at public libraries, schools, fire stations and many more locations.

In addition to the corporate locations, over 150 schools have signed up to use the wireless network solution. Many of the smaller schools have deployed Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise ‘Instant’ Access Point technology to deliver Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for them to pay additional controller charges, reducing Total Cost of Ownership. To allow schools to make best use of new technology, the council has developed a new, separate and secure internet-only wireless service called BYOND (Bring Your Own Network Device), enabling staff and pupils to download learning-based applications for their tablets and smartphones.

The service installed by Khipu Networks, a key business partner and winner of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Global Partner of the Year Award, is currently available across 150 schools, 27 public libraries, 15 fire stations and 28 other sites including social services, corporate buildings and training centres. The free public Wi-Fi service has also been rolled out to a number of independent community libraries across the county, enabling them to offer internet access as a local community service.

Claire Darling, Data Network Manager, Warwickshire County Council:
"The new solution allows us to provide powerful Wi-Fi access for staff to the corporate network as well as providing free public internet facilities for staff and for the general public. The freedom and scalability of the wireless networks - in particular the ability for our smaller schools to avoid costly controller charges by using Instant Access Points, and for our independent community libraries to be able to offer free Wi-Fi to the general public - makes the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology ideal for the council."

Steve Davey, Account Manager, ALE UK:
“The work we have done for Warwickshire County Council is just one small part of our desire to provide powerful communication services to public sector operations in order to meet a high degree of connectivity while maintaining low operating costs.

The implementations by Warwickshire County Council will dramatically improve public services through better communication and connectivity, allowing anyone, anywhere and at anytime to gain access to the network for their specific needs."