Sardegna Ricerche Improves Network


At a glance
  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions improve network infrastructure user access
  • Thanks to their advanced features, the solutions also simplify IT managers' workload

Partner moving people

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise announced today that they have provided to Sardegna Ricerche – the Sardinian institution for research and technological development, set up by the Region of Sardinia in 1985 – the technologies needed to build a new network infrastructure which follows the IEFT (Internet Engineering Task Force) technical standards in terms of bandwidth demand and power that support its vision of the future. Companies located in its technology park can now use the latest technologies to test their innovative ideas, benefiting the community.

The project was born from a tender announced by Sardegna Ricerche, looking for a solution with a long-term vision and a partner who could ensure continuity and support over the years. The institution needed to build a Campus/Data Center infrastructure with a 20G backbone, and user access equipment with advanced features.

The new infrastructure also needed to have PoE for VoIP and Wi-Fi support and allow central management of the network to enable Sardegna Ricerche to ensure that all users and the local business within its technology park could easily share even very complex projects, such as the ones for 3D printing.

A mix of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions were implemented, designed to provide performance and computing capabilities: Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 10K, OmniSwitch 9702E and OmniSwitch 6900 are the core switches, while a user interface for guests was implemented with PoE solutions to give end users access.

Sardegna Ricerche is now evaluating the possibility of renovating its Wi-Fi infrastructure to replace the current one to improve performance and provide better connectivity with the technology park’s companies through common infrastructures.


Astrid Savorani, Country Manager for Italy and Malta at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise “We met Sardegna Ricerche needs offering a wide range of solutions and services to be used for research activities and to ensure its Technology Park guests the opportunity to use the right technology to support different projects. Sardegna Ricerche now has a network infrastructure which is new, extremely flexible and adaptable to the complexity required for different users, facilitating access to all laboratories.”