Research in Poland shows CIOs ready to modernize


At a glance:

  • BYOD and employee mobility are key trends impacting CIOs decision making
  • 43 per cent of companies plan to implement new communications technologies such as hosting and cloud
  • 'Latest trends in telecommunications' survey shows 55 per cent of Polish enterprises use a VoIP system 

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New research released by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise demonstrates the receptiveness of CIOs and IT managers from medium and large Polish enterprises to new telecommunication technologies and to new trends in employee mobility and BYOD. Almost half of participants in the survey reported having over 50 employees working outside of an office environment and over 40 per cent recognize the rise of BYOD as an important trend influencing their companies.

The research carried out by market research company C-Level between November 2013 and Jan 2014 shows a shift in attitudes, with 38 per cent of the companies ready to engage external resources to manage telecommunication resources. The number of respondents that currently use a commercial VoIP system stands at 55 per cent, with 43 per cent of participants confirming plans to implement new IP communication systems such as hosting and cloud technologies to support the modernization of their company networks in the future.

The C-Level survey included more than 250 people responsible for telecommunications in medium and large-scale enterprises operating in Poland. The participants of the study represent a wide variety of sectors; the largest groups consisted of companies from industrial, service, trade and distribution, and the finance and banking markets.
Rafal Fazan, Country Manager, Poland, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
“This new research shows the emphasis that medium and large Polish enterprises put on modernizing and developing their telecommuinication resources. In recent years they have been investing in the modernization of their network infrastructure which has created confidence in the ability to support the deployment of new IP services and the latest generation of applications.”

Claudio Soland, Vice-President Central East Europe, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
“The changes facing Polish enterprises are the same as we see in other markets globally. The ability to support employee mobility, the rise of BYOD and a new generation of applications are clearly issues that have been recognized by Polish enterprises who see the value of new IP technologies in supporting these developments.”