OpenTouch Notification Service supports awareness


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New Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution improves incident and personal safety awareness

OpenTouch Notification Service links alarm and notification with communications system for improved safety across all industries

A new Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution is now available to help businesses protect employees, guests or patients in situations where reaction time is crucial. The new OpenTouch Notification Service (OTNS) ensures personal safety and improves incident awareness by linking a business’ communications solution with organizations’ alarm and notification systems for faster response and decision making.

Advances in technology have made notification services indispensable for communicating in critical situations. The ability to federate alarms and deliver the right notification to the right person at the right time is the key capability of the OTNS. Because of this, OTNS is ideal for the healthcare, education, hospitality, high-risk industries and other businesses which want to preserve investment by integrating existing alarm systems with real time communications.

How it works
OTNS collects and aggregates alarms from different subsystems, such as nurse calls, fire alerts, building management, lone worker protection, runaway prevention or evacuation systems. It notifies, in real time, the most appropriate person to respond to the situation, using industry-specific communication systems, and taking into account staff mobility, with a choice of wireless handsets (DECT, WiFi, bluetooth), smartphones, or supervision console with geolocation screen.

As a software-based solution, the OpenTouch Notification Service offers a complete range of applications and integrates with industry-specific tools and systems of key market players, all intelligently connected via a unique web interface. The various integrations allow innovative services, such as social media and mobile device notifications.

OpenTouch Notification Service specifications
Some of the key capabilities include:
• A native integration with the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise, wired and wireless sets over ABC-IP, providing the best service level for short messages on DECT handsets.
• Full IP architecture, all software based – it can be virtualized.
• A homecare customizable application for tablets, “CareApp” provides dependent persons at home with telemedicine, phone plus video calls, and social alarm features
• An alarm notification application for tablets and smartphones (Android, iOS and Windows 8), SmartApp delivers notifications to personal devices.
• Administration of OTNS is easy and notification flow can be set by drag and drop via the user-friendly interface.

Visit the OpenTouch Notification Service web page for more details.

Samuel Tourbot, Product Manager, ALE
“More companies are looking for ways to keep abreast of incidents on the premises without needing to rip and replace their existing equipment. Unique on the market, the OpenTouch Notification Service seamlessly joins today’s advanced communications systems and alarm notification systems with modern devices and innovative uses, such as tablets, smartphones and social alarms.”