New Communications Come to Italian Red Cross


At a glance:
  • Unified Communications platform provides flexibility, scalability and mobility for now and the future
  • Channel partners, New Team and Aviatel, leveraged remote management feature of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution for install   

Red Cross Italy

Two offices of a global humanitarian organization, the Red Cross, have selected Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to leverage a single communications system across the regional and provincial offices.

The Red Cross’ Regional Committee of Lombardy and the Provincial Committee offices in Milan have updated their IT and telephony systems after a series of evaluations determined a new system would improve communications across the organization. The solution was implemented with the support of New Team and Aviatel, certified partners of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and customers of EDSlan.

The new communications system was able to maintain the Provincial Committee historic phone number (02.3833) which has been active for over 50 years and is now on all ambulances and media. A convergent Unified Communications platform was chosen for its ability to be flexible, scalable and adaptable for future expansion. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office v. 9.2 full IP System with 25 Alcatel-Lucent 8000 series IP phones were integrated for mobility as was the My IC Mobile application for SMBs that, with a connection to the OmniPCX Office System, provides advanced Unified Communication solutions for iPhone and Android smartphones. The implementation of the Alcatel-Lucent AP 105 Wi-Fi Access Point provided the ability to manage mobile users and UC in the building.

EDSLan, a distributor with a strong relationship with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise in Italy, provided Aviatel the solutions. Aviatel, a certified partner for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions, oversaw the installation and configuration processes.        
Marco Pavesi, Operating Area of the Red Cross Provincial Committee of Milan      “Previously both the Provincial Committee and Regional Committee depended on the same shared telephony infrastructure. Today we are independent and autonomous since the network management simplifies and speeds up all operations and interventions. The Regional Committee, which depends on Rome for its management, still uses the old system while the Provincial Committee users today can access a service that is managed autonomously, is more agile and flexible and definitely better than before. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise terminals are easy to use. For a user, changing phones usually creates discomfort because of the need to learn the different features. Here, the new phones were well received immediately. The support provided by New Team and Aviatel and the commitment of everyone led to a great result.”

Italian Red Cross is part of the International Movement of the Red Cross. It’s the largest humanitarian organization in the world, operating throughout the country with 150,000 volunteers, 4,000 workers between civilian and military personnel and 594 branches distributed broadly. The organizational structure was designed by the new statute created in 2005 and consists of a pyramidal structure comprising a central committee (based in Rome, Via Toscana), the Regional Committees, the Provincial Committees and Local Committees.  The Red Cross Provincial Committee of Milan is headquartered in via Marco Pucci 7 and its task is the organization, management and promotion of the activities of the Association in the metropolitan area, as well as the coordination of local committees of the province.