New OmniSwitch 6450 and 6250 solutions deliver BYOD, SDN


At a glance:
  • New capabilities on OmniSwitch 6450 and 6250 help businesses address the BYOD phenomenon
  • Small and medium business’s (SMBs) now reap the benefits of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Unified Access approach
  • Standards based programmability interfaces deliver investment protection and increased interoperability with SDN solution partners
  • New specialized OmniSwitch 6450 models decrease TCO for mobile service providers
  • New certifications ensure that OmniSwitch 6450 and 6250 support the latest generation carrier Ethernet standards
  • OmniSwitch 6450 and 6250 are members of the OmniSwitch product family of access switches tied for the leading position in industry analyst firm ratings


OmniSwitch 6450 6250 stacked
Product Spotlight: Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitch 6450 and 6250

The latest release of Alcatel-Lucent Operating Software (AOS) rounds out the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Unified Access offer by extending new BYOD and SDN capabilities across all access switches. These newly added capabilities on the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitch 6450 and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitch 6250 access switch products serve SMB and budget constrained businesses to mid-to-large enterprises.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Unified Access is the first converged wired and wireless solution to address networking challenges, management complexity and offer a consistent user experience. It enables employees and customers to use corporate or personal, wired or wireless devices on the enterprise network. At the same time, these capabilities also help simplify IT operations, improving security and protecting  business investments.

These functionalities were previously available only in the high-end OmniSwitch 6860 product family but now are offered on the OmniSwitch 6450 (OS6450) Gigabit access family and the OmniSwitch 6250 (OS6250) Fast Ethernet access family of products.

The following new capabilities are now supported in the OmniSwitch 6450/OmniSwitch 6250 families:

  • End users and IT administrators are now able to self-register Apple® devices. For example, in the higher education environment students in dorms can plug in printers, Apple TVs, and other consumer devices, register them and set access limits for select friends use instead of the whole campus, all without IT involvement. 
  • Network services that facilitate the adoption of BYOD are now supported on the OmniSwitch 6450 and OmniSwitch 6250 and include network management enhancements, which ease the burden of IT by automating operations for BYOD services, such as device configuration and guest registration.
  • New security features such as automatic configuration of 802.1x and security certificates increase LAN security to be on par with the wireless experience. Devices like laptops, tablets, printers and cameras are automatically registered, keeping the network secure without overloading IT departments with manual tasks.
  • Device health check can be performed on any device connecting to the network improving the security of both personal and corporate devices.
  • Support of OpenFlow 1.3 provides flexibility of all Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise access switches to be integrated within a SDN ecosystem.

For existing customers, these new capabilities are available on the OmniSwitch 6450 and OmniSwitch 6250 via a simple software upgrade, further emphasizing investment protection to Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise customers.

OmniSwitch 6450 reaching additional markets – Service Provider

Beyond the success in campus solutions, the OmniSwitch 6450 product family is being augmented to address the Service Provider market. Two new models have been added: OmniSwitch 6450-P10S and OmniSwitch 6450-U24S.

These models simplify deployment and decrease TCO for mobile Service Providers. Their unique capabilities, including IEEE 1588v2 and High Power PoE (up to 75W), set them apart in small cell mobile backhaul networks. IEEE 1588v2 is essential to provide precision clock synchronization for small cells when LTE technology is enabled. The OmniSwitch 6450-P10S includes four High Power PoE ports capable to provide up to 75W per port. This is essential to power the next generation multi-standard small cells, and can also be used to power devices like surveillance cameras, nurse call systems, retail point-of-sale, building management access control systems, or any devices requiring more than 30W.

In addition, the OmniSwitch 6250 and OmniSwitch 6450 families are now Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 Metro Ethernet Forum certified, offering specialized capabilities and a broad portfolio to be used in service providers managed Ethernet services for both residential and business customers. The OmniSwitch 6250 and OmniSwitch 6450 families have been deployed in numerous managed Ethernet services worldwide and this new certification gives Service Providers additional confidence in the portfolio’s standards-based interoperability and manageability.

Industry acknowledgement

Industry Analyst firm Current Analysis gave the OmniSwitch product family, of which the OmniSwitch 6450 and OmniSwitch 6250 are key members, a rating of “Very Strong” in an earlier report for its innovative capabilities, tied for the top position amongst industry peers.

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