Mercy Hospice Delivers Patient Care with OpenTouch SMB


At a glance:
  • New communications system opens mobility and collaboration for patient care delivery
  • OpenTouch Suite for SMB helps build a mobile workforce   

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Cogent transforms patient and family care in New Zealand through new communications technology at Auckland hospice

Mercy Hospice Auckland, a New Zealand based provider of specialist community palliative care for people affected by life-limiting illness, is working to bridge health and patient care and technology to serve patients more collaboratively with physicians and families.

In an ever-increasingly mobile world, Mercy Hospice announced it has implemented new collaborative communications technologies that enable employees to be as mobile as they need to be to deliver more comfort to patients, whether they are in a hospital or in their homes. The new range of communication technology, from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and implemented by Cogent NZ, allows them to free employees from their desks, particularly clinical staff required to travel to patients’ homes, by providing them with a flexible, easy to use mobile application that allows them to be easily reached anytime, anywhere.

Using Alcatel Lucent’s OpenTouch Suite for small businesses, Mercy Hospice is able to deliver improved patient care, better connectivity between patients and family and build the foundation for a mobile workforce.

Key Facts

  • Mercy Hospice first implemented the OpenTouch Suite, including wireless network, unified communications and mobility services, at the hospice and seven retail shops around the central Auckland area in June this year.
  • Dedicated to bring the best service to those in their care, both in their own homes and at its In-Patient unit, Mercy Hospice Auckland focused on transforming its infrastructure with the right technology to support its employees across different sites and multiple devices.
  • OpenTouch Suite for SMB was a prime choice for Mercy Hospice Auckland as it provided a simple, end-to-end voice and data solution along with wireless connectivity for the organization, which will result in more collaborative communications as well as reduced costs in system maintenance.
  • The initial solution took a period of two months to implement and the organization is currently testing the My Instant Communicator Mobile (MyIC Mobile) application with expectations to roll this out in the next phase.
  • The MyIC Mobile application will deliver advanced unified communication services to Apple iPhone and Android mobile devices, with features including single identity, directory lookup, enterprise telephony and call routing control.

Michael Misomphane, IT Co-ordinator at Mercy Hospice Auckland

“We really started with zero unified communication capabilities. We had a standard PBX-based telephony system that only offered voice calls. The majority of our organization ran on wired connectivity and we relied on AirPort Express for limited wireless connectivity through some parts of our site. Cogent and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise helped us establish a cost-effective, connected infrastructure in order to improve the experience for our in-patients by providing them with a broad range of reliable and robust communication services, such as email and live chat, to better connect patients with family and friends. Our carers and nurses also now have the tools to engage and collaborate on the fly in order to spend more time with patients and less time on the phone.”
Chito Bautista, Senior Business Development Manager at Cogent NZ

“For a not for profit organisation such as Mercy Hospice Auckland, cost is a key consideration when investing in new technology. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise was the standout option given its strong foundation in providing the highest quality technology at a competitive operating cost. We will continue to collaborate with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to support Mercy Hospice Auckland as it shifts gear to enable unified communications across the business,”

Maud Holvast, Vice President of Australia and New Zealand at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

“This is a great example of a healthcare organization that is focused on delivering the right communications system to enable employee collaboration and improve patient care. It is our goal to help our customers, such as Mercy Hospice Auckland, address these areas without having to break the bank or put pressure on their already stretched IT staff.”

About Mercy Hospice Auckland
Mercy Hospice Auckland provides a range of specialist community palliative care for people facing life-limiting illnesses, caring for them with the utmost professional skill, compassion and quality of service. The not-for-profit organization also offers support to family, friends and carers to help them cope with problems arising from illness.
For more information, visit the Mercy Hospice Auckland site.

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