ALE recognized for marketing success in Middle East Africa


At a glance


  • Sirius Decisions grants award for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Value for Partner initiative and focus on Middle East Africa region
  • Channel Partners benefit from a new engagement model, streamlined operations, improved training and enhanced go-to-market programs
  • Results of the program show the measurable goals achieved increased business and new customers

Blue ribbon
Industry award recognizes Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise marketing program for delivering measureable channel partner success

ALE, operating under the brand Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, has been recognized for excellence in marketing for its support in increasing business opportunities for Channel Partners. The award was presented at the SiriusDecisions annual summit in October 2015.

The award recognizes how Channel Partners in Middle East Africa region have leveraged the “Value for Partner” program introduced in early 2015, which is focused on efficiency, training and a commitment to partner engagement. Through these new models, partners have improved end customer awareness of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand and enhanced effectiveness of their channel marketing funds. As a result, nine value added distributors have been added to the region, the number of attendees at partner events in the first three months of 2015 has exceeded the number in all of 2014, and the partner pipeline has seen a significant increase in the first half of 2015.

Julian Archer, Research director at SiriusDecisions
“At SiriusDecisions, we have seen too many channel efforts focus heavily on activity-based programs with neither adequate tracking of results, nor an appreciation of the need to better align supplier support with business goals. In response, we introduced the TRED Model, a channel model that helps organizations forge a fundamental agreement on the core areas of potential activities. The SiriusDecisions TRED Model’s four layers – technology, recruitment, enablement and demand creation are represented in the program ALE MEA team created. We recognise expansion and improved measurability of their channel reach and contribution to revenue.”