Latest from OpenTouch brings essential UC to all


At a glance:
  • Latest release of Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch® Suite offers new innovations in unified communications (UC) to raise user experience to the next level
  • The OpenTouch Contactless Call Shift provides the industry’s first UC solution to leverage Near Field Communications (NFC) and deliver seamless transfer of calls between mobile, desk and conference room phones
  • The OpenTouch Conversation Web conferencing client now supports WebRTC and removes IT barriers for employees and guests who use it
  • The new OpenTouch Conversation One web client extends the UC experience to all employees at no additional cost   


OpenTouch Conversation platforms

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions continue to improve the business communications experience and provide flexibility for employees at their desk or on the go with the latest release of the Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch® Suite 2.1.1. The latest solution extends the unified communications experience to all employees and guests. With more UC capabilities, OpenTouch creates a personalized connected experience to help improve overall corporate productivity.

Communications are essential in business, both within the organization and with partners and customers. Unified communications has been seen as a tool for power users and some Microsoft Windows® -based PC users or limited to all users. The new features in OpenTouch extend UC with a new web client, new WebRTC conferencing capability, and a first of its kind innovative mobility solutions for the office. These enable the benefits of real-time collaboration across all users, anywhere, using their preferred device.

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The details of the new OpenTouch capabilities include:

  • The new OpenTouch Contactless Call Shift with Near Field Communications technology brings innovative mobility options to the workplace. Contactless Call Shift helps employees route or shift calls between devices, from cell to any desk phone and back remotely without a push of a button. It improves productivity, quality interactions and employee focus by providing convenience and privacy when needed in the office.
  • OpenTouch Conversation Web with embedded WebRTC extends conferencing so users inside and outside the business can collaborate via the web. Audio conversations can take place without a need to dial-in to a conference bridge or without downloading extra software. People can join from anywhere, from any phone or WebRTC browser with benefits that include secured collaboration and free Internet communications.
  • OpenTouch Conversation One, a web-based application available on the OpenTouch suite, now comes at no additional cost to provide essential UC for all users - instant messaging, presence, document sharing and web presentation, directory lookup and most importantly control of the desk, mobile or home telephone. As easy as launching a browser, employees can access OpenTouch Conversation One from inside or outside the company network to communicate and set presence status, share documents or move a web interaction to an audio call.

These solutions are available now globally and more information can be found here.