Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Global Dynamic Tour 2015 in Korea


At a glance:
  • Breakout sessions will provide insights into future direction for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communications, networking and cloud offers
  • Live demonstrations will feature new technology, new business models and new use cases


Dynamic Tour 2015

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise 2015 Dynamic Tour comes to Seoul, Korea on 23rd September. The Dynamic Tour is designed to educate organizations on how to optimize business performance while providing an enhanced user experience, one that gives employees and customers seamless access to content and applications using any device, from anywhere, at anytime.

The theme for this year's Dynamic Tour roadshow is the “Connected Experience”, which focuses on the need for new network architectures, the transformation of the infrastructure towards a cloud-based model, and the value of communications in the business process. The international tour has reached 20 cities across the globe and offered participants the opportunity to learn how Collaborative Conversations, an Application Fluent Network and Cloud solutions can help customers succeed in today’s digital and mobile environment.

The Seoul Dynamic tour will provide customers with a view on recent enhancements to the:

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OpenTouch Suite 2.1: Aims at helping a broader group of businesses adopt unified communications. The OpenTouch Suite 2.1 includes added visual and mobile communications capabilities. Businesses can achieve more productivity in the workplace with a consistent user experience through a single client interface across all devices.

Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 2500 NMS network analytics tool: provides a wide range of in-depth network information giving IT an understanding of how the network is being used and helping fine tune its operation to provide an enhanced user experience.

Kwangjik Kim, Country Manager, ALE Korea - “After becoming an independent business in October 2014, ALE has continued to build on its success in delivering innovative enterprise networking and communications solution. We were again positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the “Visionaries” quadrant of the “Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure“ on 1 September, 2015. On 17 September, a new family of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Gigabit Ethernet switches were introduced to help small-medium businesses (SMBs) adapt to modern communication systems and technology. Our business partners can offer SMBs a complete communication system combining IP networking, mobility and IP telephony solutions. Additionally, new Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise networking application analytics technology focuses on simplifying the life of IT departments as they manage the increase of application traffic at the edge.”

Dirk Dumortier, Vice President, ALE APAC - “Every business needs to understand how technology can best deliver mobility and agility to stay competitive in the global marketplace. We are providers of technology indeed, but our approach, together with our partners, is to focus on the value this Technology, once transformed, can bring to your business and your employees. We provide our customers with solutions to improve their business outcome and provide a connected experience that delivers personalized value for every individual. Another unique value we provide is the outcome based mode of offering via a new generation of intelligent networks and applications to help our customers stay competitive in the global marketplace.”