Kloster Hegne embraces new technology for residents and guests


At a glance:
  • Modern telephone system combines digital and analog phones with IP phones  and significantly reduces costs
  • DECT radio cellular network with mobile devices allows calls to be made across the convent grounds
  • New infrastructure part of a large remodeling and construction project at the convent


Kloster Hegne, home of a Catholic religious order founded in 1856, has deployed a new communications system to better serve its residents and visitors while bringing together the various buildings of the order’s several educational and charitable institutions.

The new telecommunications infrastructure, developed by solution integrator provoicecom and based on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology, provides the convent with a more advanced communications system to support the administrative team, residents and guests by integrating existing analog and digital devices with modern IP phones. The solution was developed in co-ordination with the consultant office Kienle, Beratende Ingenieure GmbH and the management of the convent.

Included in the facility is an area-wide DECT radio cellular network with mobile Alcatel-Lucent devices, allowing increased mobility for both residents and guests, with trouble-free, independent communication facilities across the convent grounds regardless of location.

The solution increases safety of residents and guests at the convent through the ability to immediately respond in case of incidents. Additional features include a nurse call capability and a fire alarm system, with a direct line to the local emergency center, as well as contact circuits for the heating system and building services.

New facilities enabled by the solution include built-in fee collection and analysis, providing a huge improvement for the administration team – they can now identify fees relating to each extension, and attribute costs to the various cost centers across the convent's complex.

Thomas Scherrib, Managing Director, Kloster Hegne: "Since provoicecom installed the system, it has run smoothly, and to our satisfaction. With such a forward-looking communications solution, we have seen our costs reduce significantly, as well as saving a lot of time and effort in our administration department. After comprehensive training, we had only a few questions which were immediately and competently answered by provoicecom after a call to the hotline.”

Rolf Maier, Managing Director, provoicecom: “The system brings great benefits to Kloster Hegne as it makes communication across the various sites much simpler to manage for the administration team, as well as providing better quality communication for both residents and guests.”

Frank Nürk, Head of Alliance & Channel Management, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise: “We are delighted to be involved in such a project as this. Kloster Hegne required the most advanced technology to fulfil its manifold task efficiently, and we're pleased to be able to support them in the work that they do, through our partner provoicecom.”