Alcatel-Lucent Brings Data Center Switch to Latin America


At a glance:   

  • The OmniSwitch 6900-T is flexible, offering monitoring of real-time applications, dynamic QoS and managing vNPs
  • Data centers and core networks can be upgraded and optimized
  • Companies can benefit from its security, cost and space

Diogo Superbi, Enterprise Data Solutions Manager, Alcatel-Lucent Brazil:   

“We’re offering a product in Brazil that, occupying only one rack unit, has a performance above 1 TB and that can be superior to a large chassis, currently in use by organizations. It provides redundancy, high speed capacity – including the 40 Gbps –, and the most important features to assist in the efficient use of servers. The solution manages the Layer 7 Ethernet network to applications. Its great advantage is that it is not just suitable for medium and large companies, but also small ones that demand high performance”.

OS 6900

Alcatel-Lucent announces the launch of the OmniSwitch 6900-T in the Brazil and Latin America region. It is a solution that offers a revolutionary architecture with high performance in a compact chassis. An extremely flexible switch, the OmniSwitch 6900-T prepares the networks or datacenter for the future without the need to change the hardware regularly. With this solution, organizations can have a new top-of-the-range switching and networking infrastructure at a fraction of the price charged by other manufacturers that sell large chassis, simplifying and reducing the costs of these operations.

Many customers purchase a large chassis based on the density of its ports, and not by the performance offered on each switch port. Regardless of its architecture, a switching solution must deliver maximum performance per port to meet the current demand that computer networks require. This solution from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise performs complex tasks with low latency, even if interconnected to 100 meters. The OmniSwitch 6900-T is flexible enough to serve medium and large companies for performance, and small businesses who need a solution.

The OmniSwitch 6900-T can manage the network of a broker or home broker, or a law firm. With its aggressive performance, it can also focus on the servers of an advertising or engineering office too, where there is a demand for speed to work with large files, images and videos in real time. The OmniSwitch 6900-T can be part of core network of a university, since up to six units of this model can be used as if they were a single logical equipment (to create a "virtual chassis").

Alcatel-Lucent's solution is an excellent choice when compared to others in the price range that offers only two microseconds (µs) of latency, which provides significant operational cost savings. And because the mobility of an automated virtual machine already comes embedded, a major concern at the network layer. The equipment operates the network core or as a hub of servers to Ethernet standard data centers of large corporations, once a set these switches can manage up to 14,400 servers in a POD (Performance Optimized Data Center).

The product is proactive, intelligent and safe with regard to identifying users, devices and applications. Alcatel-Lucent's solution makes detecting users based on their profiles, while access provides visibility of each user on the network and still provides scalability. For device detection, it logs each one and applies specific policies while it conducts the inventory. It also works with various QoS, determines applications individually, supports high density and also the variations imposed by unified communications.

In summary, the main features of this release are:

  • Up to 1280 Gb/s of capacity (wirespeed cable length L2 and L3)
  • Up to 64 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) and non-blocking
  • Prepared for doors 40 GigE and with very low power consumption
  • Lowest latency with big MAC table (128 k)
  • Virtual control and User Network Profiles (vNP and uNP)
  • VM Management API (with open standards)

According to Gartner, “core” compact solutions allow administrators to reduce their network costs between 30% and 70%, and still save 30% or more in their operations compared to chassis-based switches.

The product also has the highest energy efficiency, because its electricity consumption is low compared with solutions of this size, and brings numerous advantages to the core of a network — and even more so for a data center – consuming only 3W on each port of the standard 10 GigE.