Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise helping SMBs in Germany go All IP


At a glance:

  • First German solutions vendor to achieve full recommendation for “Call & Surf IP” connection by Deutsche Telekom
  • Small and medium-sized businesses armed for conversion to ALL-IP

All-IP Netzumstellung

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is the first German solutions vendor to offer a telecommunication system recommended by all variants of Deutsche Telekom’s “Call & Surf IP” connection program. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's hybrid system, the OmniPCX Office RCE, covers all analog / ISDN / IP technologies and can be adapted very flexibly to the respective changes. It recently received a so-called “connection recommendation” of Deutsche Telekom validating its ability to migrate easily to IP, and in March this year, the German telecommunication provider HL komm also certified this system.

German SMB customers of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise are now well prepared for the on-going conversion of the public telephone system to All-IP. Until 2018, Deutsche Telekom and other German telecommunication providers will gradually convert analog and ISDN connections to new, IP-based technology that unifies the transmission of all types of information such as voice, data and video over the Internet Protocol (IP).

The migration of the public telecommunication network happens gradually. In a first step, it concerns companies with small systems to which several phones and other devices, such as cash terminals, are connected via separate lines. Telekom business customers in this segment are migrated to the “Call & Surf IP” connection that allows them to connect all their devices via one single IP-based connection. The OmniPCX Office RCE system was tested and approved for this segment.

Other Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise telecommunication systems are also prepared for IP connection or can easily be upgraded. Customers can continue to use their existing terminals, and the OmniPCX Office systems enable them to use IP and ISDN in parallel.

As soon as more segments – such as medium-sized and large enterprises (MLE) – of the public network will be migrated to All-IP, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise will have its relevant systems tested and certified. Generally speaking, MLE systems with the current release can already be operated, via Premium Customer Support (PCS), on SIP trunks of different providers.

All-IP provides a number of benefits to the customer: The unified transmission of all types of information on a common communication protocol significantly reduces the complexity of infrastructures managing multimedia and the number of infrastructure components that were required, until now, in mixed environments. The high performance of the broadband IP connections facilitates the integration of home offices into the company networks. Video conferences that used to require three to four ISDN channels need one single IP channel, which means that the customer receives more value for the same price.


Benjamin Lay, Product Marketing Manager SMB, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise "Our mission is to provide our customers with state-of-the-art technology for the migration to All-IP, and to enable our partners to give proactive support for the adaptation of their infrastructure. The recommendations by Deutsche Telekom give them additional confidence on their way to All-IP, so this is an important achievement for Alcatel-Lucent in Germany.”

More information: For more details to All-IP, please visit our information page.