City of Frankfurt selects Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise


At a glance:
  • Open standard network provides internal departments with self-service IaaS
  • Forward-looking network will support future virtualization and SDN technologies   


The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department of the City of Frankfurt has completed the consolidation of the city's data centers into two new data center facilities based entirely on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology.

A key part of the consolidation has been the implementation of a hosting environment where public offices can rent severs and applications using a self-service Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, which allows offices to dynamically adjust their resources to meet changing demand. The data centers also provide housing space for public offices to use their own infrastructure within the same building.

The new implementation was driven by cost reduction, energy efficiency and compliance with the Federal Bureau of Security requirements, but also to provide flexible new services and functions to public offices. The high availability of the data centers is crucial to fulfill the diverse data requirements of the city's public departments and services, which include traffic control systems, subways and water supply across 600 locations and 53,000 access ports. This demand led the ICT department to modernize its IT infrastructure and leverage Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's entire OmniSwitch series, OmniVista network management, MPLS components and WLAN portfolio. The data centers provide the basis for network virtualization, which is planned to be developed for use in the near future.

Unlike other cities and municipalities that subcontract the construction and operation of their network, the City of Frankfurt designed, built and manages the fiber-optic networks itself, using its own cable connections.        

Markus Weil, head of networks at the ICT department of the City of Frankfurt
"One of the most important aspects of our network, aside from the high performance and reliability of the components, is its interoperability. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's consistent use of open standards means that as operators of a heterogeneous network we are at a great advantage when we are able to simply plug together components from other vendors. This is absolutely vital to us, as we need to support such a wide range of business processes and functions."

Jorge Humberto Silva, Sales Manager, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
"We have been working with the City of Frankfurt since 1996, and understand its need for high levels of interoperability and flexibility to support the great variety of functions. The City of Frankfurt ICT department sees the value of these new technologies to create efficiencies and deliver new services. It also has the vision to build a future-proofed platform, which is capable of supporting further developments and emerging technologies.”