ALE higher ed solutions showcased at EDUCAUSE 2015


At a glance:
  • Blending technology and learning experiences is key to modern coursework success and meeting students/faculty/staff expectations
  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions, such as Intelligent Fabric, make IT strategic to a college’s success through innovation and cost savings
  • Solution demonstrations show higher education customers using innovative technology for positive learning outcomes
  • Customers Duquesne University, Point Park University and California State University to participate on panel, “Alphabet Soup – The Truth About Emerging Network Technologies and Next Generation Courseware”

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions showcase technology innovation for higher education at EDUCAUSE 2015

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technologies will be on display at EDUCAUSE 2015 booth 1918 demonstrating how networking and communication solutions/services impact the fundamental operations and success of higher education institutions.

According to the “Top 10 IT Issues, 2015” annual review provided by EDUCAUSE, developing an enterprise IT architecture that responds to changing conditions and new opportunities is a main focus of higher education IT departments. The review also shared that IT is evolving from technical concerns to addressing business outcomes. The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise demonstrations support these points and show how Universities can:
•    Deliver a personalized connected experience to students, faculty and staff
•    Contribute to the strategic success of a university, with the value of IT
•    Drive real-time collaboration that leads to increased student’s educational success

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions, from the campus to the cloud, are helping reshape the business model at universities as IT groups seek to deliver an outcome-based approach, where technology can help strengthen a college reputation and attract students and faculty, while lowering tuition fees in the process and delivering a differentiated opportunity. 

Demonstrations showcasing the technology includes:
1.    Meeting the Mobility Challenge
2.    Building the University’s “Intelligence” Fabric

3.    Personalized Connected Experience - Teaching

4.    Personalized Connected Experience - Student

5.    Personalized Connected Experience - Campus
(for detailed information on these please go to

Along with the demonstrations, three Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise customers – California State University, Point Park University and Duquesne University – will have IT representatives on a panel to share a best practices approach in a session titled, “Alphabet Soup – The Truth About Emerging Network Technologies and Next Generation Courseware” taking place Wednesday, October 28 at 11:40aET in room 203. They will share how three different university IT systems are strategically approaching emerging technologies such as SDN, NFV, SPB and others to drive curriculum success and financial achievement through technology.