ALE communications certified All-IP for DACH/German region


All-IP Netzumstellung
Major telecoms service providers now certify Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology for All-IP

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communications portfolio is All-IP ready for small, mid-sized and large businesses

All communications technologies from the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise product portfolio, whether for the small business or multi-location enterprise, on-site or in the cloud, have been certified as 'next generation network' ready in preparation for the on-going conversion of the public telephone system to All-IP across the DACH region. This move minimizes business disruption by providing a roadmap for companies to take either a gradual transition to All-IP, or to start benefiting from cost-effective IP communications immediately.

Working with telecoms service providers in Germany and across the DACH region, the full range of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communications solutions has been certified as All-IP ready. Last year, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise announced full certification of Deutsche Telekom for its SMB customers, and now the company’s communications equipment for businesses of all sizes has been fully certified by top service providers including QSC, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom EWE-TEL, Swisscom and Sunrise.

New Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise hardware is shipped 'All-IP' ready as standard. For existing customers, the transition could be as simple as a software upgrade to the communications server. For the larger enterprise, with more complex requirements, the focus has been on protecting existing investment and developing migration strategies to All-IP with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise business partners, to maximize the value of existing infrastructure as part of a future proof communications system.

Marcus Hänsel, Managing Director, ALE Deutschland GmbH

“There is still some confusion in the market about what the All-IP switch means, what effect it has on communications systems and what, if anything, businesses need to do about it. This is why we are working closely with the major telecommunications companies and smaller service providers to make the transition as simple and hassle free as possible.

We have worked hard to develop strategies to remove much of the uncertainty and ultimately make it an easy transition for businesses across the region.”