Alcalá de Henares University Improves Education with ALE


The Next Generation LAN enables the University to deploy new services, while guaranteeing quality of service for applications, secure access for users and simplified management.

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Alcalá de Henares University improves education delivery with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise LAN technology

Alcalá de Henares University has selected Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Local Area Network (LAN) solutions, offered by mdtel (Maintenance Development S.A.), to improve the activities of students, faculty members, researchers, and administration and services staff. The new network, consisting of Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch® 6900 core equipment, Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6450 access equipment and Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista® 2500 unified management  system, will provide  the University the infrastructure to support its three campuses with greater bandwidth and network resiliency.

Network Architecture Adapted to the University Campus

mdtel’s operations team successfully implemented  SPB (Shortest Path Bridging) standards protocol to create a distributed fabric among several centers of the University’s three campuses. This extends layer 2 domains throughout the University by enabling simultaneous use of  all the available fiber connections without the risk of loops. This architecture provides higher capacity, better flexibility and improvedresiliency against failures. Using only a single rack unit of space, the network has been integrated with the existing to provide a wide range of Core and  Data Center networking features.

OmniSwitch 6450 PoE-capable LAN access equipment provides a wide range of access control and security features to the University network.  The embedded Application Fluent Network features  guarantees quality of service policies for applications to deliver an optimal user experience.  Its flexibility allows 1G and 10G uplink connections.

With OmniVista 2500 unified management system, the University can manage the entire network from a single platform. It enablesautomation of more tasks, allowing IT administrators to focus on more strategic tasks of creation of value added services for the University.

José Francisco Ríos Balsalobre, head of the Communications Area of Alcalá de Henares University, said: “This new LAN will allow us to implement any type of service in a reliable and secure way. This solution has provided us an easy-to-use management and maintenance, and the flexibility, resiliency and security that we needed

Javier García Rodríguez, mdtel’s CEO, explained: “This deployment provides a modern and flexible architecture that allows to address all the present and future needs, with the reliability and effectiveness demanded by the applications and services required in centers characterized by their constant innovation, such as the ones of Alcalá de Henares University”…

Finally, Jean-Clovis Pichon, CEO of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions in Spain, added: “This project shows our commitment to higher education customers like Alcalá de Henares University by adapting state-of-the-art Information and Communications Technologies to support its academic, research and administration activities, and to assure it tangible outcomes.