Putting a face to the conversation with Visual Communications


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Visual Communications put a face to the conversation

OpenTouch delivers contextual conversations to customers, employees and partners

Visual, mobile conversations deliver rich video collaboration

Elevate your business conversations to a new level

The old saying "putting a face to the conversation" has new meaning thanks to Visual Communications tools like Skype or YouTube. And the significance these new breed of visual communications tools bring is on the rise in many businesses as new apps and devices are driving employees and customers to ask for more than the plain vanilla of video conferencing offered today.

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CIOs and other business leaders realize they can and must capitalize on consumer and enterprise grade communications technologies. Empowering highly mobile and social customers, and employees who thrive on "user experience," is now a common strategic business initiative.

Fully integrated functions, combined with new deployment options, provide more choice and scale than ever before. Alcatel-Lucent is bringing the many new faces of conversations to customers, partners and employees with its OpenTouch™ Suite.

What's New?
Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Suite 1.2 revolutionizes visual communications, providing new user experiences. OpenTouch enriches communication before, during and after the conversation, so that employees can plan, record, store, and share conversations, and "socialize" them afterwards in ways that hadn't been previously possible.

  • Before the conversation, short video clips can be used to replace long text agendas or set the tone for interaction.
  • During the conversation, organizations can improve collaboration efforts of virtual teams by using embedded tools for multimedia conversations across devices such as PCs, tablets, interactive whiteboards and video endpoints.
  • After the conversation, the OpenTouch Video Store, a cloud-based solution, lets people record, store and share conversations for collaboration, to reach a wider audience and capture next steps.

The communication expectations of your customers, partners and employees continue to mature. So do your choices. Be smart and ask for converged, native multimedia communications that deliver multi-device, multi-party conversations. With more visual collaboration and mobility experiences, the Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch meets the needs of today's businesses.

Discover the full set of multimedia features and services that customers are adding to existing communications platforms and delivery models.

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