Research Results Identify Enterprise Tech Trends and IT Concerns


Research Highlights
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) remains a primary selection factor
  • 73% believe contact centers must support multi-channel interactions
  • 50% believe new technologies are competitive differentiators
  • 56% say they need help in the move to the cloud

IT Buyer Survey Summaries

Do you ever wonder about how other business and IT leaders value emerging technologies? Or how they are dealing with challenges brought on by the trends resulting from new technology?

To find the answers, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise recently conducted a survey that was completed by over 300 business partners and 1000 customers. The survey focused on the current mega trends that affect every business today: the consumer revolution, the technology evolution and the shift to the cloud.

The results of the survey disclosed what concerns businesses the most when it comes to operational, technical and end-user challenges that result from these trends and how they want to deal with them. The following are some of the topics our survey respondents shared perspectives on. 

  • Throughout the survey, respondents consistently indicated that the total cost of ownership (TCO) was a primary factor in their selection of a particular vendor’s solution. For example, 71% indicated that the TCO was a main criterion in the selection of unified access solutions to support mobility. The same percentage - 71% - said TCO was the main reason for the data center solution selected. IT teams are concerned with users’ experiences, integration, and expressed a strong desire to simplify operations.
  • 73% recognized the need for contact centers and customer service operations to support multi-channel interactions. Their primary operational concerns are around OPEX, scalability and controlling the pace of investment.
  • 50% believe that new technologies hold the key to differentiating and expanding their business. New technologies of course bring integration challenges and user experience concerns.
  • Although many are talking about moving to the cloud, 56% of respondents indicated that they need help to do so. Their primary concerns were focused on the cost of the cloud, the potential lack of privacy and over 72% said security was their greatest concern to be overcome.
  • Collaboration – everyone wants it, and over 40% have deployed some form of real-time collaboration service for either internal or internal and external users. What is noticeably emerging is the recognition of the need to provide a good user experience. 50% of respondents believe that the user’s experience is critical for collaboration.

    We have produced an infographic and white paper that summarize the survey's conclusions and observations, presenting the most interesting and significant results in an engaging and shareable format.