Right Sizing the Data Center


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New network designs help you “right size” your data center

A right-sized data center is modular, efficient and scalable

Read the Gartner report on right sizing your data center

What business today isn’t under pressure to meet growing demands of users on the network and data center?  New tools, applications, your employees living the BYOD dream – are stressing most networks to the breaking point. The desire to centralize networks and management, along with virtualization of the data center is now a requirement as most networks were never designed to handle these new demands.  

However, there is hope! New network designs support virtualization and the requirements of a new media-driven network. Flatter networks in a mesh design can act as a virtual chassis, eliminating the need for costly chassis-based network cores.

The “Right Size” Data Center
Today’s revolutionary networks are also programmable to support application fluency, with intelligence built into the network to automatically adjust application priorities, leading to Software Defined Networking.

The right sized data center is one that is modular, efficient and scalable. Industry analyst firm, Gartner, released a recent report on right-sizing the data center and they suggest:

  • New fixed form factor switches can reduce the data center core networks’ long standing reliance on costlier and oversized chassis-based switches. We discuss what network managers need to know about rightsizing the enterprise data center network.
  • Newer small form factor core devices can enable network managers to reduce capital costs by 30% to 70%, and save 30% or more on operations expenses, compared with chassis-based switches.

To better understand how the new, fixed form factor switches can help you – get the full report from Gartner on Rightsizing the Enterprise Data Center Network.