Six Reasons Customers Select Our Unified Access Solutions


Unified Access
What our customers are saying about why they choose Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise over the competition

In the world of technology, there is a range of vendor options and possibilities to support your business. One question we often hear from potential customers is “why Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise?”

Often, we answer with feedback directly from our customers.

Why do customers choose Alcatel-Lucent and remain customers as they grow?

  • “Your solutions are designed to support our buying cycle.”  Budget cycles often dictate purchases of network and communications equipment in phases. Products are upgraded as time/budget/requirements permit, allowing customers to seamlessly, cost-effectively upgrade installed systems and gain new capabilities and functionality without requiring expensive or forklift upgrades.
  • “We want to reduce our CAPEX, and protect our investment.” Customers typically keep their network for five to seven years. To prolong the network’s life, customers take advantage of:
    • Fast Ethernet switches upgrade to Gigabit Ethernet with the download of a license key;
    • Unified Access feature are deployed on demand and as the business requires;
    • Software Defined Networking is a feature upgrade covered by support contracts;
    • Network services are deployed through their existing management system.
  • “You offer the Best-in-the-industry BYOD solution.” The integration of Aruba Networking’s Clearpass easily manages guests, employees, and devices. IT departments can manage the network independent of the vendor or the user’s device.
  • “You allow us to do more with our network through business application reporting and a quality experience.” Analytics from the core to the edge of the network and enables policy enforcement based on user, device and application at access to the network; a unique offer and standard switching feature in the industry.
  • “We see a opportunity in one common platform to manage the wired and wireless network, which you’ve got!” A common set of unified access capabilities delivers security, NAC, application fluency capabilities, policy enforcement at the edge of the network, BYOD services and unified management capabilities across both wired and wireless network. This approach lets customers deploy the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise network portfolio products in both data center networks and converged campuses with a consistent programming interface.
  • “We want to eliminate the costs of deploying our network.” Automated provisioning and deployment capabilities reduce and even eliminate costs associated with these activities.

A Unified Access solution from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise offers these and many more  benefits. Read more about why customers are choosing this Unified Access solution.