CA Rates Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Mesh "Very Strong"


At a glance:
  • Mesh & Pod architecture is flexible, robust, highly scalable
  • Application Fluent Network (AFN) capabilities meet the demands of rich media and virtualization
  • Network management overhead minimized through automation

Mike Fratto, Principal Analyst, Current Analysis, has reviewed and assessed the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Mesh to be overall “Very Strong.” It outranks the industry average of “Strong” and was rated “Very Strong” in terms of scalability, convergence, management, ease of use and total cost of ownership.

In the report, Current Analysis made several observations about the solution. The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise mesh and pod architecture is flexible, robust and offers plenty of scale. It is part of an Application Fluent Network (AFN) that supports LAN-to-data center application networking. Also, through integration with Citrix, it is possible to deliver virtual desktops quickly and reliably.

An AFN is a flexible network that meets the demands of rich media applications and virtualization within an enterprise. At the core of an AFN is a predefined application behavior profile which is called a “virtual network profile” (vNP). This profile –  which is associated with an application and has appointed metrics, QoS configurations, access control policies, and other parameters – dictates network behavior to optimize the environment for a given traffic and security need, whether media, big data, or other.

vNP provides IT administrators the ability to save significantly on management cycles by enabling the network to optimize itself, autonomously, based on application auto-discovery and application profiling. As configuration deployment requires less labor cycles, fewer administration hours are spent maintaining the network. The automation technology also improves business agility by enabling applications to be rolled out more rapidly.

Read the complete report here.

Note: The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitch family also received a “Very Strong” rating from Current Analysis.  Get the report here.