CA Rates Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise LAN Portfolio "Very Strong"


•    Innovative network analytics, BYOD services, and Unified Access capabilities
•    OmniSwitch 6860(E) advanced campus switch with high performance and PoE power
•    Built in, solid security features, advanced features and uniform operating system
•    Enhanced AFN vision provides better visibility and control of applications
•    Advanced campus switch OmniSwitch 6860(E) with high performance and PoE

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Data Center Mesh received a “Very Strong” rating from Current Analysis.

Application Fluent Technology

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise recognized four years ago the critical challenges facing IT teams in supporting the mobile workforce and has continued to enhance its technology to provide product capabilities and management tools that recognize users, devices and applications on the network and enforce policies in the network to provide a high-quality user experience. 

Mike Fratto – Principal Analyst, Enterprise Networking and Data Center Technology, Current Analysis – has given Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise networking LAN portfolio a rating of “Very Strong,” which is the highest rating received and shared with only one other vendor.

This rating was based on the solution’s innovative network analytics, new BYOD and Unified Access capabilities. Also influencing the result was the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Operating System (AOS) that offers built-in, solid security features, and a uniform command line interface (CLI) that is used across the entire portfolio – from campus to data center switches.*

The report also recognized that “most interesting efforts” are around the technology enhancements that support the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Application Fluent Network strategy, which provides tools for visibility and control of applications in the enterprise to IT.

Another reason Current Analysis gave the highest rating to the solution is because of the latest addition to the portfolio, the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitch 6860 Advanced LAN switch, which enhances a comprehensive LAN switching portfolio from data center and core to distribution and access. It complements the full range of products from 10/100 Mbps access switches to high-density 40GbE core switches. The new OmniSwitch 6860 offers innovative capabilities such as embedded analytics and is integrated with ClearPass policy management software for full BYOD capabilities and provides Unified Access capabilities through a converged wired and wireless management platform.

The rating was also awarded because of the OmniSwitch family’s lower total cost of ownership (TCO), due to the portfolio’s low power consumption and future proof capabilities with easy software upgrades.

Read the complete report here.

*The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Data Center Mesh also received a “Very Strong” rating from Current Analysis. Get the report here.