Discover more about our Data Center Solutions

Discover more about our Data Center Solutions
Leading analyst says: There is no leader in data center networking.

Now, how do you choose a vendor to deliver on your vision?

To be successful, you need a vendor that:

  • Provides a unique architecture that delivers simplicity, agility and growth
  • Automates your data center saving you CAPEX and OPEX
  • Has the vision and innovation to meet any future needs

Alcatel-Lucent has been positioned as a “Visionary” in the Magic Quadrant for Data Center Network Infrastructure by Gartner. According to Gartner, a vendor in the Visionaries quadrant has demonstrated an ability to increase the features in its offering, to provide a unique and differentiated approach to the market. A Visionary has innovated in one or more of the key areas of data center infrastructure, such as management (including virtualization), security (including policy enforcement), SDN and operational efficiency, as well as cost reductions. Read more from Gartner.

Data centers: bigger isn't always better
See how one device can provide a complete data center fabric. Get the full report from Gartner on “Rightsizing the Enterprise Data Center Network” to better understand the impact of new, fixed form factor switches.

To get even more out of your data center, why not start reaping the benefits of Software Defined Networks? Download the strategic white paper: An application fluent programmable network for SDN.

Choosing the right partner to help you become cloud-ready

To take advantage of the cloud and transform to a service-oriented IT model, you need to start with a flexible, scalable, and automated network as the foundation. Join industry leading companies that have switched to Alcatel-Lucent.

  • Advocate Healthcare simplified and automated the management of virtual machines by consolidating data centers with pod and mesh architecture. Learn how Advocate Healthcare reduced application deployment time from days to minutes.
  • CandIT Media (now SDN2) created a “media aware” digital network based on the Alcatel-Lucent Software Defined Network (SDN), driving unmatched network efficiencies for motion picture editing applications.

Upgrade your data center today

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Planning ahead to meet growing demands

Planning ahead in the current dynamic market can be difficult to ensure a long term success of your data center project.

Looking for assurance on your next data center project? Discover how Data Center services can help you to meet your current and future demands. Get the datasheet!

Learn more about our Data Center Switching Solutions.

“Rightsizing the Enterprise Data Center Network” Gartner Report

“An application fluent programmable network for SDN” white paper