PilotHouse Award for Unified Communications

It takes vision to win the PilotHouse Award

Meet the 2012 Nemertes PilotHouse Award winner for Unified Communications!

Alcatel-Lucent has won the UC Market Challenger Award posting scores that top all vendors in all rating categories in the 2012 Nemertes PilotHouse Award. The prestigious Nemertes award is based entirely on the ratings of IT decision-makers who actually use Unified Communication (UC) products or services. Our customers gave us the highest scores in all rating categories for our UC solutions.

According to the report on the awards, "Alcatel-Lucent has executed on a strategy that has involved boosting its overall UC capabilities while embracing support for mobile devices through applications such as OpenTouch Conversation. "
Respondents rated their providers on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 as the highest score for:

  • Technology - encompassing features, functionality, robustness, and performance
  • Customer service and support - encompassing everything from sales support through end-of-life transitions
  • And value - bang for the buck, or how well price matches technology and support

Nemertes has two categories: Market Leaders for the top two selling vendors and the rest are in the Market Challengers category. Alcatel‐Lucent won the PilotHouse award for Unified Communications Market Challengers, topping Siemens Enterprise Communications, Avaya, and Mitel. Alcatel-Lucent led every Unified Communications vendor in every category.

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