Changing the Conversation in the Workplace

Changing the Conversation in the Workplace: A study on the use of communications solutions to improve employee engagement

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise investigates how communications technologies are being used to improve business performance. Inviting responses from knowledge workers on their attitudes on employee engagement, productivity and communication technologies, while IT Executives responded to questions about the challenges of implementing and supporting advanced communication technologies.

The problem: In a world of expanding possibilities for connecting people with information and each other, are corporations fully exploiting the opportunities? As communication becomes more prolific, are technologies adequately helping us to manage the complexity of conversations that span multiple channels and devices?

Download this research report and see what percentage of knowledge workers believe they have access to the technology tools they need to successfully perform their jobs, their beliefs around the importance of communicating and collaborating with others, and the impact of advanced technologies and their management on productivity and engagement.

You'll also discover how widely such technologies are already deployed, where enabling these services ranks as an IT priority, perceived constraints, and existing solutions that offer remedies to issues with providing advanced communications across the enterprise.

Change the Conversation and Download the Report