Bring Your Own Device to school

Bring Your Own Device to school

Bring Your Own Device to school has as many potential issues as it has potential learning benefits.

Alcatel-Lucent can help you transform your school district's wireless LAN to not only support one-to-one mobile learning initiatives, but also securely and reliably support the Common Core standardized online testing which is scheduled to begin in 2014.

How can Alcatel-Lucent help you create a secure, reliable wireless LAN infrastructure?

We can provide…

  • Full Turn-Key Installation (architecture, engineering, installation, configuration, and tuning)
  • Buy-back of existing wireless LAN infrastructure components
  • Additional trade up offers for existing Aruba or Alcatel-Lucent customers
  • Device-to-student registration for AUP enforcement and management
  • User based access rights to the network
  • Fully integrated host integrity checking to protect against malware and viruses

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